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As demand increases within Education for the delivery of ICT anywhere and at any time it is becoming more and more difficult to provide a fixed PC environment within the classroom space.

When coupled with the increased availability of mobile devices such as notebooks, Netbooks and Apple Devices; anywhere and anytime learning can be achieved. This flexible freedom can help engage pupils, enabling them to work more collaboratively; passing mobile devices encourages an interactive atmosphere.

With the use of wireless, ICT engagement can be brought cross curricular proving all subjects access to specific applications, software and extensive research material.

There are currently two trends in wireless technology in the market place today. Firstly there is the Industry Standard, Cell based architecture which relies on each Access Point generating a single Cell which is aware of its neighbouring access points and adjust its channel and strength accordingly. Secondly there is the more resilient Single Virtual Cell technology which instead of having multiple cells it generated a single intelligent cell across all access points.

Not sure which solution would best suit your requirements, allow us to discuss the benefits or each technology with you and assist you in designing a solution which extend you ICT availability to all areas both inside and outside or your school.

Meru wireless

Are you ready for the Meru Wireless Revolution?

  • Is your wireless network performing as you would like it?
  • Are you looking at upgrading your wireless network in the future?
  • Are you looking at deploying iPads/netbooks across the school?
  • Do students currently bring their own devices to school?
  • Is a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiative something the school is looking at?

Apex are pleased to announce their partnership with Meru Networks, the world’s leading 4th generation wireless manufacturer in education.

Over 10 schools a week are choosing Meru Networks to provide mission-critical wireless infrastructure across the UK.

Meru’s fundamentally different wireless technology has allowed schools to benefit from:

  • Reliable, high performance wireless with high user densities
  • 30% less hardware needed for same coverage as old infrastructure
  • Elimination of time consuming channel/power planning
  • Elimination of co-channel interference – the main reason for poor performance in old infrastructure
  • Seamless roaming for devices across the whole school
  • Easily scalable infrastructure for phased implementation
  • Removal of security issues associated with BYOD environments, through Meru’s Identity Manager and Smart Connect applications

For more information on why 1000s of schools have joined the Meru wireless revolution, please contact Apex Network Solutions for a FREE wireless survey and more information

HP ProCurve Wireless

HP ProCurve offers intelligent IEEE 802.11n wireless access points, ranging from our single-radio IEEE 802.11n/a/b/g to our dual 802.11 n/a/b/g and a/b/g access points.

The MSM access points are advanced wireless devices that provide consistent, easy-to manage connectivity that expands your existing network. The access points maintain your network without interruption and reduce bottlenecks and network complexity by determining where data needs to go throughout the network.

The MSM access points provide complete wireless coverage for greater reliability and connectivity. HP ProCurve IEEE 802.11n-capable RF Security sensors bring security to the network edge by providing scalable 24 x 7 IDS/IPS capabilities that prevent security breaches on IEEE 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n wireless networks.

The MSM access points and RF Security sensors require a single Power over Ethernet (PoE)-cable drop, and are IEEE 802.3af compliant and support a plug-and-play automatic configuration.