Servers & Storage Solutions | Apex Network Solutions

Choosing the right servers and storage is like choosing the correct pair of shoes. Due to the vast array of options when buying your new hardware you have to be sure that the form factor, processor, type and quantity of memory is going fit the environment comfortably and offer the performance that is right for the job it was purchased. We will work with you to ensure that your new servers are not only fit for purpose but are scalable and will deliver the performance expected for their anticipated roles.

Likewise we will tailor your storage requirements to ensure that you are getting the performance you are expecting and that the drives are adequate to the role they are provisioned for. This may include tiered storage for virtualisation or backup which makes use of High Performance SAS disks where required along with the ability to utilise more cost effective MDL SAS Disks for less demanding IO.

We offer a comprehensive range of Servers and Storage Appliances which will meet your needs. These can be scaled from simple file/application servers to Virtualisation servers and comprehensive backup solutions. We only use servers from Tier 1 Vendors to guarantee quality, performance and reliability with a suitable warranty to guarantee availability.

Server & Storage Installation

As with any project ensuring that a solution is fit for purpose is paramount, for that reason we ensure that any new network goes through a programme of assessment, design, implementation and final testing.

Server & Storage Assessment

We will arrange to survey your current solution, during which it will assess the options available to you with any existing hardware or any options around recycling or the possibility of any buy-back schemes which may be currently available.

Solution Design

We will design with you a solution which will offer you the best balance of performance, resiliency and redundancy, ensuring that the solution will support and deliver the best technologies depending on your intended use. If required we will build this around a virtualisation platform ensuring to strike the best balance between licensing and performance.

Solution Implementation

All hardware will be delivered directly to site and the preparation process will include firmware updating, configuration and the software installation and we encourage your technical staff to be actively involved in the process as it enables them to get an understanding of steps required for configuration.

Initial failover testing can be undertaken at this stage to prove the resilience of a virtual environment and allow your technical staff to get a better understanding of the simplicity and benefits of a virtual infrastructure.

Final Testing

The solution will be extensively tested to ensure that all the equipment and configurations perform as expected. This will be done in conjunction with a site specific User Acceptance Test document.