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Working alongside HP ProCurve, Apex Network Solutions have a healthy level of expertise in designing and implementing network infrastructure solutions. From Primary School sites to large FE’s we can design a specific solution to meet your objectives.

Apex specialise in creating secure networks that are based around your curricular requirements, where staff and pupils can communicate and interact effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to a more engaged learning experience.

Apex networks work with our clients to ensure that a maximum return on investment is achievable paired with a low total cost of ownership.  The implementation of HP ProCurve network solutions can make this easily achievable due to their open standards, convergence portfolio and industry leading Lifetime Warranty.

Network Installation

As with any project ensuring that a solution is fit for purpose is paramount, for that reason we ensure that any new network goes through a programme of assessment, design, implementation and final testing.

Network Assessment

We will arrange to survey your current network infrastructure, during which we will document your current solution and asses the options available to you with any existing hardware or any options around recycling or the possibility of any buy-back schemes which may be currently available.

Solution Design

We will design with you a solution which will offer you the best balance of performance, resiliency and redundancy, ensuring that the solution will support and deliver the best technologies depending on your intended network use. This will include support for IP Telephony, CCTV and traffic segmentation relevant to your requirements. This will be implemented using industry standard technologies to ensure future compatibility with any new technologies.

Solution Implementation

All hardware will be delivered directly to site and the preparation process which will include firmware updating and programming the switches will be undertaken and we encourage your technical staff to be actively involved in the process as it enables them to get an understanding of steps required for configuration.

The solution is built and tested fully before any of your existing network infrastructure devices are taken off-line; to ensure that you network is live as quickly as possible.

Final Testing

The solution will be extensively tested to ensure that all the equipment and configurations perform as expected. This will include intentionally generating issues which may arise accidently such as network loops, traffic storms and network failures to ensure that your traffic flows as expected in the event of a major network incident.

This will be done in conjunction with a site specific User Acceptance Test document.

Network Survey

Often within Education networks have grown in an organic ad-hoc manner over an extended period of time, without any specific plan to cope with the developments and growth of ICT. This often can cause significant performance issues affecting a multitude of clients and devices. Documenting an existing network infrastructure ready for planning a network refresh can often prove a time consuming and costly task, time and money which many network manager struggles to spare. Apex has a vast level of experience of carrying out network audits within educations to provide a detailed overview of the current networks performance and how best to progress to a reliable, high performance, scalable network environment.

Network audits are a FREE service offered to educational clients by Apex and will include:

  • Current Network Topology Drawings
  • Documentation of Uplinks, Speeds and Type’s
  • High light problem areas
  • Recommendations including drawings

To find out more information about this free service please contact a member of the sales team on 0161 820 9350 or register your details here and a member of our team will contact you.