Virtualisation | Apex Network Solutions

As Servers have become more powerful offering more “bang for your buck”, they are becoming more and more underutilised. The native operating systems are only using 10-20% of the available processing power. Virtualisation Technology has allowed for a more efficient approach for operating systems to utilise the available processor and memory resource offering greater value for money.

As a result instead of multiple servers, each performing a single role with little to no redundancy a single performance server can now run multiple virtual servers. As well as providing substantial energy savings both in power and cooling, it offers considerable savings when replacing several of your old servers. Virtualisation also offers high availability, failover and disaster recovery.

We can assist you in deploying your virtualisation project using any of the current market leaders; such as VMware and Microsoft. We can help you build a solution which will be resilient, scalable and a platform which will support you going forward this can include the planning, implementation and support of your virtual environment going forward.